Forrester principal analyst Rob Koplowitz held a teleconference yesterday, entitled "Notes Versus SharePoint: Shootout At The IT Corral".  Koplowitz has plenty of experience to draw upon for his subject matter -- he worked at IBM/Lotus, Oracle, and Microsoft all in the collaboration space, and is front-and-center in tracking collaboration in the market today.  Rob has no agenda, and, unlike some analysts in this space, doesn't pursue a self-fulfilling agenda.

That's why it's very validating to see one of his key messages:

* I tell clients that IBM is committed to the Lotus brand.  
* The fog has cleared and IBM has doubled down...ramped up its core investment--massive R&D investment.
* IBM is committed to Notes.  They make a ton of dough and they will continue to make dough.
While the teleconference was for Forrester subscribers, I'm looking forward to Rob's upcoming paper on this topic, and hope that we'll find a way to broadly distribute it.

Link: Forrester teleconference: Notes Versus SharePoint: Shootout At The IT Corral > (Not yet available for download, even by Forrester clients, but wanted to put the link up)

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