Earlier this month, Forrester released a new Total Economic Impact study, "The Total Economic Impact Of IBM’s Worklight Platform: Cost Savings In The Development And Maintenance Of Multiplatform Mobile Apps." The study shows that the cost of creating and managing a single multi-platform app is significantly less expensive when using IBM Worklight than when using native tools alone.

From the study:

The cost of developing and maintaining apps increases with the number of platforms supported, the number of apps and the complexity of the apps; more often than not enterprises have little control over them because they are tied to third party developers. While creating and managing a single app on a single platform might be relatively straightforward in a native environment, doing so across multiple platforms and for multiple apps rapidly becomes cost ineffective.

For developers who are just starting to think about mobile app lifecycle management, the Forrester TEI study is an important tool to understand the full long-term investment required to build, deploy, and manage a mobile app across multiple platforms. Forrester examines both the obvious costs like software licenses and infrastructure as well as additional costs around upgrades, security, and other components.

The full report is available now through IBM.com.

In addition to the Forrester TEI report, here are some other new or recently updated content pieces around IBM MobileFirst:
  • IBM MobileFirst solution brief - a short 5-pager that describes what MobileFirst means and while it is important to have or develop a mobile enterprise strategy today
  • An additional Forrester TEI report, this one on the benefits of hosted managed mobile services (to support a BYOD mobile enterprise). The report shows better than 100% ROI over three years.

Link: ibm.com: The Total Economic Impact of IBM's Worklight Platform >

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  1. 1  Bill Palmer  |

    Ed, the State selection on the IBM download request form does not work. Not to mention that it took minutes to show up from the link above. Not too encouraging.


  1. 2  David Peacock http://www.chooseportal.com |

    Ed, similar to Bill, I get a long wait, then an error 500 when following the links to the the two Forrester reports.

  1. 3  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    I think that the Forrester reports should be again available (it is for me now) but disconcerting to see the 90 minute gap between your reports. If others have trouble please let me know ASAP.

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