Admittedly, even for me, last week was a little wearying. I've already written about ESLUGsphere in Madrid and the business partner summit in Wroclaw, which were the two main reasons for last week's European visit. I rounded out the week with a visit to Cardiff, Wales, finally completing a tour of the United Kingdom. Though I was only on Welsh soil for 18 hours, I made sure to tick a few boxes -- including some sightseeing of famous vistas that had been used in the filming of Doctor Who.

I am often asked whether I enjoy the kind of country-hopping that last week's itinerary included. In and of itself, it would be hard to enjoy traveling for eight hours from Madrid to Wroclaw -- what would be about a three hour flight if there was a nonstop. I have grown to strongly dislike staying in a hotel for just a single night, the constant packing and unpacking, the checkout times that creep earlier and earlier, the "will they have a room ready for me" anxiety, and the inability to access hotel services upon day of departure. However, the brief moments of soaking up a different place, a different language, or a different culture often make up for the challenges.

How often in my life will I have the opportunity to sit amongst a group of Spaniards, immersed in friendly conversation, dining al fresco at 10:30 at night -- in October! Under what other circumstances would I arrive in a city like Wroclaw to experience its newness -- new stadium, new motorway, new tramway, new airport terminal (OK not open yet), new hotels? Travel for me continues to be a constant adventure, and one where I can make mental notes of places I would like to visit again. In Madrid, I rushed to the Museo Reina Sofia for the first time -- on a free admission day, only 45 minutes before closing. The glimpse of the great Picasso and Dali works -- and the nearby calamari afterwards-- can make a whole crazy week worth it.

I have only been on the road for about seventy nights this year, though the intensity of my travel probably makes it seem like a lot more. I like that intensity, mostly. Surely, as you can recognize from a few intense images from last week, there is still a lot more of the world to explore.

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