Four years

August 1 2008

In my head last night, after what was really an amazing day with the big press release and all the buzz around it, I was writing a blog entry for today, marking my 4th anniversary as the product sales lead for Lotus Notes and Domino.  I wanted to time travel back to August, 2004...

I accepted this new role because I believe in the Notes/Domino product line, and because I believe in the future of Notes and Domino.  You can take this as a sign of IBM's commitment, too -- creation of a new leadership role, focused only on the products that some falsely, and foolishly, continue to claim are dead.  Let this posting be the decree -- it is now my job to ensure that you have what you need to understand where IBM/Lotus is going with the market-leading collaboration software.
For a variety of reasons, I realized this morning that any lengthy post today reminiscing on the last four years would serve mainly as an ASW-like post.  

That's not what I want today. What I want is to thank all of you.  This blog, this community, this market was a very different place at the nadir of the Notes business in 2003-2004.  We have quite a success story, all of us,   A business declared and written off for dead countless times, yet.....  
  • A community today where there are hundreds of bloggers and thousands more participants.  Where there are amazing events like ILUG, DNUG, the Japan Notes Consortium, and
  • An increased number and quality of business partners, building solutions that hadn't even been conceived of back in 2004.
  • A Notes/Domino 8 release where the product team knocked the ball out of the park (translates to "did an amazing job" for non-Americans).  
  • A winning attitude, with a strong roadmap for the future.

Every one of us has different reasons for waking up in the morning.  For some, it's "just a job".  For some, it's a passion for technology.  For some, it's the notion of somehow impacting the world in one's own individual way.  What makes working with all of you -- customers, partners, industry figures, and even competitors -- special is that online, we've formed a market out of people with all of those diverse backgrounds, interests, and passions.  I use the word "market" instead of community here for a reason.  With the success we're seeing at Lotus, and in the collaboration segment of the IT industry in general, we've moved beyond needing to think about just the community.  The community core is so solid that we're now picking up the entire ecosystem wanting to be part of this all.  And thousands of really cool people, all over the world, contribute to making this space better every day.  For that, I thank you.  And I'm looking forward to more.

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