Earlier this morning, we announced the availability of the fourth release of LotusLive Notes. The new release is primarily designed around quality improvement, but adds some new features for customized mail routing, additional language support for LotusLive Notes Traveler, and additional monitoring capabilities.

As I've commented on before, I'm pleased and impressed with our engineering and delivery team's ability to turn the crank rapidly on new releases, true to the model of software as a service. A year ago, we had not yet even shipped our limited availability release, and since that time we have done three feature releases and now a fourth. We also added have delivered on a model for Domino applications in the cloud, and integration between LotusLive Notes and all the other LotusLive services.

In the second half of this year, we plan a release and a half of additional improvements to LotusLive Notes. Things that we're thinking about include a self-service user trial, Internet-based mailbox transfer, and more administrative customization. There is also a plan to activate the first non-US LotusLive data center in Japan. In 2012, we'll also pick up additional new features and capabilities.

My team and I continue to be busy discussing cloud and hybrid options for LotusLive Notes with both existing Notes/Domino customers and prospects who run Exchange or Google. IBM's strengths with LotusLive include the integration with other LotusLive services, inclusion of the Notes client in the subscription, hybrid deployment architecture for on-premises and cloud single domain operation, and many others. We look at LotusLive Notes as one of your delivery method choices, in addition to on-premises or through third-party hosting providers.

Congrats to the team on the 4th release!

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