Free wifi at 33,000 feet

October 9 2006

I was confused when I sat down as to why the "hotspot" signs were still up.  Answer--

The homepage says the service is free - what does this mean?
Connexion by Boeing has decided to no longer provide in-flight internet service. From now until the end of the year the service will be provided free of charge to passengers.
One more reason to fly Lufthansa on my march towards 100,000 United/Star Alliance miles this year...will be interesting to see if the A340-600 tomorrow has the service as well

Interesting that it took normally-efficient Lufthansa more than 90 minutes into the flight to figure out that the guy next to me wasn't supposed to be in business class.  The conversation took place in Italian, so no idea what the excuse was.  He's in the back now :-)

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