French cuffs

November 27 2006

There is something about arriving in Paris that just puts a smile on one's face.  The drive from Gare du Nord to La Défense was like a tour of the city -- the amazingly wonderful Christmas lights and windows at Printemps and Galleries Lafayette were a special treat.

THALYS was a nice train ride from Köln, though there were a few chatterboxes in my compartment...thankfully alighting at Bruxelles.  A four-hour train ride is just perfect, and I got a lot of work (though no blogging) done, all while watching the countryside until darkness.  I'll do that again.

As for the title of this entry....I can't say I've ever considered myself at the forefront of fashion (though influences in my life are changing that a bit).  It finally permeated my brain a few weeks ago that American men are wearing dress shirts with French cuffs, so I decided to be a joiner.  Today was my first day wearing such a shirt -- on my way to France.  Très chic!  Maybe now that I'm all growed up, I need to go eat some French bread and French fries....or at least take the camera out to Tour Eiffel at night.  Au revoir!

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