A few weeks ago, Alan suggested that Monday, 11 August should be "Yellow day", in honor of all the excitement going on around Lotus right now.  Never one to shy away from a good idea, Nathan Freeman and the rest of the Lotus911 crew jumped right on that.  Thus, Monday has been designated "Yellow day"

Image:Friday = Notes 8 day, Monday = Yellow day

which is great.  Check out some of the ideas for how to celebrate at the above link to Nathan's blog... I'm sure we'll see some creative happenings on Monday.

However, at lunch yesterday, David Via from my team came up with another great idea.  Among the many small things happening tomorrow, 8.8.08 should also be "Notes 8 day" ... so, in honor of 8.8.08, be sure to deploy at least one Notes 8 client on 8.8.08!!!

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