I think I'm not allowed to quote LinkedIn discussions from membership groups in public, but there are some real quotable comments in this thread.  The original poster basically asks for experiences with Notes to Exchange migration.  Most of the reply comments say, essentially, don't do it -- you won't be successful, it will cost more than you anticipated, and in one case, we decided not to after all our study.  The only "dissent", if you can call it that, is a person who shares Microsoft party lines but doesn't actually talk about the experience of such a migration.

If companies that are being seduced actually took a look at a discussion like this, they'd realize that not only is it a bad idea, but there is so much more they can do with their Notes/Domino investment.

Link: LinkedIn: Lotus Notes to Exchange migration > (getting some comments that the link doesn't work, even if you are a member of the "Lotus Professionals" group. Please navigate there directly if you want to read the full discussion)

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