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January 13 2011

An end-user writes:

Dear Ed,
following a discussion in the Apple Forums I found your comment on how to add the Notes calendar in iCal.

As I am a Notes user in the office I asked our IT guys and they did something on the server and then I had to type a URL into my Safari browser, run some script and VOILÁ, now I can view my Notes calendar, add items etc.
This, dear readers, is the value of a social business.  Does that success require 100% participation?  No.  In any ecosystem, there are avid participants, pace setters, occasional voices, lurkers, and others.  The value of social business is around the sum total of productivity, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and interaction.

I will engage anywhere that makes sense for a productive, useful conversation that my team and I will learn from or be able to share.  I didn't ignore Gregg Eldred last night when he cynically questioned whether we'll actually answer questions at "Ask the Product Managers" at Lotusphere.  And in fact part of the purpose of that session is to help the market get to know the dozens of strong product managers we have throughout this organization.  

We can get more social with each other when -- and wherever -- we know the interaction is going to be beneficial for all parties.  

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