A customer who wishes to be anonymous writes (paraphrased)...

We have sales reps spread throughout the continent.  They have Thinkpads with Notes and they replicate several notes databases via phone or high speed VPN.  The bulk of these databases are a sales force automation program from back in the 4.6 days.  This system is made up of several databases. Some of the databases are fed sales information via Percussion Notrix from our AS/400's.  The 2 largest databases have 600,000 documents (each).  There are several others with varying levels of documents.  I use readers fields so each Sales rep can only see their data, their managers can only see their region etc...   The system works very well for us.  We are not a very large company but are well respected in our industry.

Here's my problem.  We were bought out, and the new company has  "heard" about our sales system and want a demo in a couple of weeks for possible expansion of the system, by up to 2000 users.  I doubt they know much if anything about Notes, so I would anticipate that one of the questions asked will be about scalability.  While our system does work well, we do have issues when dealing with these large databases.  I don't have a good feel for how Notes would do with volumes 10 times greater then what we work with.

Anyway,  I guess I'm just looking for any studies on LARGE databases.
Anyone have suggestions or thoughts?  Certainly, this sounds like a prime example of why the DB2 support in Domino 7 is going to be useful.  In the meantime, my correspondent has a business to run.  Anyone have suggestions for them?

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