Brian writes:

I'm trying to see what other companies out there allow for inbound message size limits.

The situation is that we are obviously a notes shop on iseries and have no limits on storage size.... We were recently "affiliated" with another [organization] that is an exchange shop. Both fairly small. We have an inbound limit imposed on us by our isp at 25 megs and they are at 11. So, our vp's try sending them some large powerpoints which don't make it past their limits. I know there are other ways besides email, but my question is what are other companies putting these days for inbound limits.
I know we talk about disk space a lot in the messaging business, but I hadn't been asked about individual size limits quite as often.  Thought it would be a good discussion point.  My own instinct when sending large files is not to do it -- to go to one of the upload/download file transfer sites, Quickr/Quickplace/Teamrooms internally, or other options.  You?

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