A Notes administrator writes:

Ed, we are a fairly small Notes shop of roughly 500 users. I hate sending out nasty emails to users to tell them to delete some of their old emails. Usually at least one of them will delete all from their All Docs and then I have to restore which takes me around 2 hours. (I really have to learn brms better). Our top user, the CIO is top on the list with 2.6 gb + his index. We even have secretaries with a gig. Any recommendations how I can persuade him that we need quotas? I've even checked out some of the nice hardware for sarbanes oxley that will archive for you, but [can't get budget]. I need some hard facts about database corruption, costs, anything I can to push it. I hate that our backups take so long and take so many tapes.
Honestly, my initial response was that archiving solutions exist to help in this space.  My second response, which I didn't put in mail, was to say "disk is cheap", but someone always beats me up when I say that (I still believe that, compared to the cost of having users have to manage quotas daily, disk is cheap).  My third thought was, ask the audience.  So here we are.  What do you think?

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