There are travel days and then there are travel days.  Today went like this:

  • Wake up at 2 AM due to thunderstorm and dog attempting to sleep on one's head
  • Wake up again at 4:25 AM to catch a 6 AM flight
  • Get stuck in airport traffic, immediately followed by get stuck in TSA newbie screener line
  • Hear "final call for Warshington Dooles" (I think they were trying to be funny) announced, run to gate, see door close.  Realize you should have just planned on the 7 AM in the first place.
I had a very nice meeting with the Lotus Top Gun training class here, then hustled to Dulles for the flight to Cleveland.  This went like this:
  • Get stuck in TSA newbie screener line
  • Wait extra 20 minutes to board while United Express gate agents yell at the top of their lungs over gate PA system
  • Board plane to discover that someone else has been assigned seat 2D.  Which passenger does United decide to send to the back of the plane, in the row in front of the screaming infant -- the 1K Premier Executive status dude who has had a long day, or the guy who has no United frequent flyer number whatsoever?  (Hint: This should be obvious)
  • Immediately as the plane taxis out, it pulls into the "penalty box" holding area.  Where we sit.  For. Two. Hours.  At least United has a policy of a maximum of three hours holding time for a flight.
  • Which means they cancel the flight due to Cleveland weather, send us back to the gate.  United's automated system calls that they've helpfully automatically rebooked me to Cleveland in the morning, on a flight that arrives at 10 AM.  Which does me no good.
So I'm heading home in the morning.  My sincere apologies to the user group, this wasn't how we planned it.  And it means that we'll have to figure out another time in the next few weeks to do this.  Third time pays for all, right?

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