Gartner's "First take" on Lotusphere news is posted, and available to all (not just subscribers):

During 2004, most Gartner client inquiries about Workplace were about IBM's Workplace strategy -- in particular, what it meant for established Lotus Notes and Domino investments. IBM's lack of a clear strategic message created this concern.

Based on feedback Gartner analysts collected at the event from more than 100 users and business partners, we believe IBM's refinements in both Lotus Notes and Domino and Workplace strategy and messages have eased most Lotus Notes and Domino customers' concerns -- perhaps a bit too much. Lotus Notes and Domino customers still need to understand Workplace technology, and IBM still needs to communicate its Workplace message to its Lotus Notes and Domino customers, most of whom were not at the event. ...

By 2007, potential IBM Workplace customers will view it as a successful new product family (0.6 probability).


Technology buyers: Evaluate IBM's role-based, vertical-market-focused and starter-kit versions of Workplace.

Lotus Notes and Domino customers: Stay the course. An immediate migration anywhere makes little sense if your Lotus Notes and Domino investment was justified in the first place.
Link: Gartner: IBM's Workplace Strategy Gains Credibility at Lotusphere >

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