Well, that's not the title of the report...the title is "Migrating Off Notes/Domino E-Mail May Make Sense in Some Circumstances" [Link updated, report ID:G00200566, price US$495].  

It might just as well be written as "Migrating Off Notes/Domino Doesn't Make Sense in Most Circumstances", but that probably wouldn't sell as much consulting time.

Yes, earlier today, Gartner analyst Tom Austin published eight pages that can be basically summarized as

* We derive a lot of business at Gartner from customers asking about migration from Notes to Exchange.
* Most customers don't migrate.
* Still, for some reason, we think some will in the next two years.
* You should be thinking about the future of your email environment in the broader context of delivery options and collaboration.

With a title as provocative as this one has, you would expect to find a lot of supporting evidence inside as to why customers are considering migration and where it would in fact make sense.  Instead, the analysis inside includes:

  • "Clients have some legitimate concerns, but we believe IBM will continue to make investments to attract new customers for this product and to sustain the revenue stream from services"
  • "Most enterprises thinking about moving away from Notes/Domino for e-mail will decide to stay."
  • "IBM remains a strong and viable e-mail provider."
  • "Notes/Domino customers should not worry about product longevity, at least in the two- to five-year planning period"
  • and, most importantly, "IBM customers migrating to Microsoft will likely be disappointed. "

I'm sure some of you will be confronted with the strong headline of this report in your organization.  My friends in Redmond are probably popping champagne bottles this morning with the FUD they can stir up.  But the reality of the report is that it is more like gossip at a cocktail party -- something like, "I heard Bob say he was thinking of switching" (the report tries to document something called "business-class envy") -- than any hard evidence of anything other than due diligence in the market.

Analyst firm IDC issued their annual market share report on the "integrated collaborative environments" market last month and both IBM and Microsoft's share were essentially unchanged from the 2009 report -- deltas of fractional percentages.  We had growth in new license sales for Notes/Domino in the second quarter, and our base of active maintenance seats remains solid.  We're in a consistent #2 position in this market, which, considering we're competing with license bundling and other questionable tactics, I'm pretty darn confident in.

Given all of that, I'm not sure what the point of this report is, other than to get people talking.  OK, if that's it, I'm on board by having blogged about it.  Now, let's move on.  It's going to be a busy week next week.

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