Ben Rose attended a Gartner teleconference earlier today, and received permission to blog about it:

They very much seemed to agree with the message that "Notes is not dead" and saw a good future ahead for Notes based applications. They do see big changes ahead though and they see the Notes client as we know it becoming part of the Workplace universal rich client. This will not only incorporate the Workplace technologies and all the backwards compatability we require from Notes via a plug-in, but will also be easy to deploy and run on alternative OS platforms such as Linux. This is clearly a huge marketplace advantage. ...

Gartner reckon that "IBM has changed the strategy for the better" and that feedback from IBM/Lotus customers was very positive this year after LotusSphere with people very enthusiastic about the future and most of them understanding the message. IBM Business Partners see some great opportunities from new technologies like the "3 CDs and a 30minute installation" Workplace Services Express. (WSE)
Sounds like this is a good companion to Gartner's written "first take" after Lotusphere.  A solid, balanced, unbiased analyst view of how good the future is for IBM, Lotus, and Workplace.
Link: Ben Rose: Gartner Teleconference: What are IBM´s Workplace and Lotus Strategies and What Happened At Lotusphere? >

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