Gartner's Jeffrey Mann writes today about a few new tools for Outlook from a company called Kayxo.  The tools include Google desktop and calendar integration as well as database/workflow integration.  All of that -- stuff we do in Notes today.

The interesting part (for my audience at least) of Mann's blog entry is this:

I am not ready to throw up my hands and declare Outlook the universal inbox to everything, just yet. I think that reducing the time spent there is generally a Good Thing. At least, I certainly want to reduce the time I spend in it. However, I certainly see the value in exposing targeted information in that context when it makes sense.

What do you think? Do we spend too much time in email clients or not enough?
I think the problem is really with the term "email clients".  If you have a view of your inbox as a "catalyst for productivity", then things get interesting.  I *want* all my information and productivity to come together in a unified experience -- it is how I am productive through the notion of contextual collaboration.  Viewing the Notes 8 client -- with collaborative applications, Symphony editors, sidebar integration with RSS and Google gadgets, federated calendars, and all the rest -- as a universal collaboration client, not just e-mail, is the real value of having an installed client.  It all works smarter, together.

Link: Gartner/Jeffrey Mann: Bringing the World to Your Outlook Inbox >

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