One final reminder -- a bunch of Toronto geeks, including a number of IBMers, are gathering tonight starting around 6 PM (some closer to 7) at The Duke of Argyle pub.  I won't embarass myself or the group by wearing some kind of IBM pocket protector...but look for me in a green oxford shirt and black slacks (see, I do have other shirt colors).  I've e-mailed my cell phone number to a few people (IBMers can find it in bluepages) for further coordination.  Looking forward to it.

There's one person I hope will show up, though I think the odds are low.  An amazing buzz has been going through the Lotus community this week, after Stan Rogers posted a farewell on his blog.  Stan has been a valued member of the community for years, generously answering questions on forums and blogs and overall having a realistic/honest view of the world, all while confronting some challenging personal issues.  

In his "so long" entry, Stan basically says he's at the bottom of the barrel, jobless and penniless.  This got picked up on a number of blogs, including Ben, Bill, and vowe.  And though Stan didn't ask for anything, the response was generous and wonderful -- money, equipment, and a job.

I have no idea if Stan would consider himself ready to be amongst the community live and in person tonight.  I sent him an e-mail and practically begged him to show, because I too owe Stan a lot -- and I have some understanding of what he's going through.  And hopefully, his next blog entry will show how important it is to have a human element to one's business interactions -- because as a community, we'll have helped get a man back on his feet.  That's worth celebrating any day.

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