Geeks slip into Sydney

July 21 2005

Thanks to the the assembled geeks for coming out to Slip Inn last night!  I'm not sure whether the highlight was the AU$5 steak special or the discussion of how to survive/thrive inside of a large bureaucracy (:-o).  Here are some photos of the group ... I won't remember all the names, but they include my colleague Simon, Ethan, Brendon, Ken, Carlos, Marcin, Brian... were the other two names Erik and Michael?  Next time I'll ask for business cards.
Maybe Sim' can tell us whether the AU$5 steak special was a good deal.  Myself -- I stuck to the ginger barramundi from the Thai menu. :)
Image:Geeks slip into Sydney  Image:Geeks slip into Sydney Image:Geeks slip into Sydney

This will be my last entry from Sydney, so in closing, may I just remind Aussies of my one request -- can you please keep your country in good shape for about the next 19 years?  If I could retire anywhere in the world, this would be the place.  I hope it's as nice then as it is now.

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