My good friends at Dutch business partner e-office have a Dutch native-language group blog at  Since my Dutch is, uh, non-existent ("Heineken" probably doesn't count), I don't normally track it.  But Gerco Wolfswinkel pinged me about his blog entry a few weeks ago about a change in the Domino 7.0.1 server:

At LotuSphere 2006, we had an excellent session (ID111) on Domino and memory management, by the young and imho talented Rob Gearhart. He stated that ND7.0.1 would be Large Address Aware, making it possible to make use of an extra GB of memory space on W32 Advanced server systems. But when ND7.0.1 was released, I could not find anything about LAA in the release notes, and nobody mentioned it either. I emailed Rob about this, and yesterday he confirmed that ND7.0.1 is indeed Large Address Aware, even though it was apparently omitted in the release notes.
This change will also help with getting the 32-bit code ready to run on Windows x64, targeted at the 7.0.2 release later this year.

Link: Gerco Wolfswinkel: ND7.0.1 is Large Address Aware >

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