At the Lotusphere Comes to You in Palisades, New York, Gist CEO T.A. McCann is joining IBM's Bart Lautenbach in the keynote to announce availability of the Gist plug-in for Lotus Notes.  The plug-in is Windows only for now, but they are working on the Mac support aggressively as well.

TechCrunchIT is covering the news this morning:

Gist, a recently launched web service that aims to organize your communication streams, is bringing its tool to Lotus Notes with a new plugin. Gist offers services that help you keep tabs on the people in your professional network. The service's web interface allows you to see past messages and attachments from each contact, news about their company, and their recent messages on services like Twitter. Gist also offers an Outlook plugin that shares similarities with Xobni.

The Lotus Notes plugin will track individual and company profile information as emails are sent/received and calendar events are created and will bring in professional network information to the inbox from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, a number of blogs, and 50,000 news sites. The plugin also uses Lotus Notes' Live Text technology to give detailed profile information anywhere an email address appears. If you are using the Gist Lotus Notes plugin, you can also connect Gist to your Gmail account.
I've been using Gist since Lotusphere and it is my new clairvoyant.  Really helpful in learning more about people you work with or plan to work with.  In fact, T.A. and I used Gist and Twitter to help him get into an amazing restaurant last night in New York.  I'm sure he'll be repaying me when I'm next in his neck of the woods :-)

Anyway, check it out.  Another great plug-in for Notes.  From reading the tweets this morning, many of you have already.

Link: TechCrunchIT: Gist Launches A Xobni-Like Plugin For Lotus Notes >

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