Going back on offense

October 16 2006

Ben Langhinrichs left a great comment here last week...

I sometimes read your blog and wonder if others think IBM is struggling and trying to hide it, which I really doubt is what you mean to impart.  Just at a time when the Notes/Domino market seems to be doing well, and Hannover promises great things right around the corner, try not to sound like "Oh no, we can't afford to slip up at all!".  You sound a bit like the winning coach who can't realize that his team is doing well, but constantly frets about the other teams.  Relax, coach, the team is doing fine.
...and last night, I spent a few hours pouring over the Lotusphere 2007 content proposals.  I was able to group the sessions in the infrastructure track into a dozen different buckets, which is a great reminder of how much good stuff is really going on within Lotus right now.  The energy is back in so many ways, and there's so much new and positive to talk about, that Ben is right -- I need to let up on defense a bit and remember that things are going really well on almost every front at the moment.

That's why I'm spending so much time on the road in Q4, talking about the good news of what's happening for Lotus and for Notes/Domino.  I'm giving the Lotus salesforce a similar "good news" update tomorrow internally.

That's why I haven't written a single negative thing about MS or Exchange on the blog in the last four weeks.

And that's why for Lotusphere 2007, I am taking a pass on doing a "The Boss Loves Microsoft: Where does that leave Lotus?" session, or having anything like it on the conference agenda.  Even with an expanded number of conference sessions, why allocate one to talking about the competition?  We have other ways to do that, both at Lotusphere and elsewhere.  For me personally, I've done this session (or one like it) at Lotusphere for six years now.  It's time to go out on top (just from Lotusphere -- I'm not going anywhere!).  I'll be doing other sessions -- Julian Robichaux and I are going to do a session on "How to 'sell' Notes/Domino inside your organization", and I'll be hosting a panel discussion -- but there's no need to go further.  Not now.  (oh and btw -- Unlike last year, I'm not reconsidering this decision.)

Speaking of Lotusphere 2007, if you have ideas for how to have an interesting panel discussion on blogging, head over to Rocky's site and let us know!

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