Goodbye, Notes/Domino 7

April 30 2011

Today is the last day for support for Lotus Notes/Domino 7. First shipped in September, 2005, the Notes/Domino 7 release was primarily about integration at the server and incremental usability improvements in the client. Domino 7 featured the limited availability of NSFDB2, web services support, a Linux version of the client, and the 7.0.2 feature pack including the Domino blog template and Notes Access for SAP Solutions.

We announced "Hannover", what became Notes 8, before 7 had shipped, and many customers made the decision to wait out the upgrade, especially on the client side of the equation. Domino 7 never seemed to hit more than about 40% of our deployment population, the client similar or a little less. This is why it surprises me that some erstwhile competitors are using the end-of-support as a call to action for considering alternatives...there just isn't that much of it left out there.

As has been the case with every modern release of Notes, the full lifecycle for the product exceeded IBM's minimum five year commitment for support. Extended support agreements are available through our Global Technology Services group.

Goodbye, ND7. It was nice knowing you.

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