Google maps driveby

November 27 2007

I am really amazed at the investment Google is putting into expanding the Google Maps experience.  There was a lot of buzz six months ago when they first started introducing street-level views.  Still, I didn't expect them to embark on an effort to cover entire metropolitan areas.  With Google, though, expect the unexpected:

Fort Sheridan Tower as seen on Google Maps

Yep, sometime two or three months ago, Google did the driveby in my little neighborhood.  Unfortunately, it was too soon for the Buddha to make a cameo, but clicking around these streets is a strangely voyeuristic experience.  I could take the same pictures any day, but having the entire 'hood in 360-degree continuity is something truly remarkable.

I notice that the street-level views now cover a huge swath of the Chicago area.  I can only imagine how much time I'll waste checking out neighborhoods I've never visited, searching for friends and relatives domiciles, and wondering why they did street "A" but not street "B" in this first pass.  It will also be interesting to see, over the years, how often they update these pics.

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