South African IBMer Grant Bingham has penned interesting prose telling the biography of Lotus Sametime, using the analogue of family and childrearing.  We all remember this chapter:

The parents, in the mean time were building successful careers for themselves. They also had another little kid called Workplace. Workplace was a difficult child, often resorting to temper tantrums that would see the parents give in to his every whim. The father - WebSphere - found new energy in a child from his own bloodline. WebSphere drove Workplace hard, sending him to pre-school and as a result Workplace developed very quickly. Workplace didn't much like his brothers, and tried to outdo his much older brothers.
but Grant's story has a happy ending...
Sametime was invigorated by the people and surroundings at Eclipse University. Sametime found within himself tremendous capacity to learn and grow like never before. What's more - Sametime grew into a confident and handsome student with an infectious laugh, and took on all challenges with energy and passion in adundance.

Sametime will be going through graduation in August.
Maybe Grant has a second career as a storyteller...

Link: Grant Bingham: Sametime is all grown up >

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