On September 2, Wired had an article that finished with this quote:
Gmail's last major outage was in May, and it had a number of outages in 2008. But Google says its service is still far more reliable than corporate networks, many of which run Microsoft Exchange servers.
There are those that will say that no e-mail system can have 100% uptime, and yet, I can point to several companies that can not only say that, they can prove it. I am certain that I am not alone in saying that in some Domino shops, e-mail service is always available. Management has made the decision that e-mail is crucial to their business and have made the necessary decisions to guarantee that their employees will not lose productivity from a lack of service.

"Never down" or "100% uptime." It may seem unusual, but it is certainly possible.
Link: Gregg Eldred: GMail was down. If you run Domino, "down" may be unusual >

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