A couple of weeks ago, I highlighted Marie Scott's postings about Virginia Commonwealth University's rollout of Notes 8.5.  In the comments on that post, Carolyn Plant has let us all know about another great internal marketing effort for Notes 8, this time from down under at Griffith Univesrity in Queensland, Australia.

Image:Griffith Uni has another great Notes 8 rollout campaign

The site features Notes tips, documents the upgrade process, announces training opportunities, and has a blog for interactivity. It all sells the point while not over-selling.  I had the opportunity to meet with some of the Griffith staff when I was down under last year, and came away suitably impressed.  Now Carolyn has given us all more perspective on how to be successful in a rollout:

Griffith University would also like to share how we prepared, notified and helped our users become more engaged about our recent Notes 8.0.2 upgrade and were less likely to not accept the change that was about to come their way...

Our audience was all staff, academic and general staff, as well as, Research Higher Degree students.  This includes Notes client and web users on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops.  In our initial planning it was identified that a high priority and focus was needed to be placed on a key group -- our Personal Assistant/Secretary group.  It was felt that this group were very influential amongst the university faculties and we would have the most to gain by identifying how they work, understanding their perceptions and needs and also listening to their feedback.

This led to the decision to focus our marketing approach and plans on how Lotus Notes 8 was going to help users take control of their email and also help to reduce email overload! Our marketing included posters which focussed on the major overhaul to Lotus Notes with improvements to email and calendar along with Notes 8 tighter integration with other communication tools.  There was a fresh new looking user interface and enhancements such as attention indicators and conversation view which would help our users save time and stay organised!

We addressed new Lotus Notes 8 features and functionality in our approach but also attempted to change the way staff were performing daily functions by including such things as replication, calendaring and scheduling that were seen as standard features and were under used.

We hope that our approach may also 'spark ideas' for other upgrades and help to maintain momentum.  In our environment the Lotus Notes 8 Upgrade project has been recognised as a successful project -- changing minds, changing habits and changing perceptions!
Link: Griffith University: Lotus 8 Upgrade >

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