This game is a lot less fun when the very first guess on the very first picture gets it right.  At least with Starbucks as the food chain last year, I kept y'all guessing a little while.  Another good option would have been a picture of a Toyota Prius -- the unofficial local mascot.

Here was part 2, which, combined with part 1, pretty well would have given it away anyway.  My Nikon was inadvertently left behind in Chicago, so the very noisy picture below is the best we'll get this trip.  In person, the pandas were much cooler. The outdoor, daylight pics are pretty good with the Casio, and we're having a good time this week.  Was great to see Jack Dausman briefly today (who very kindly brought some momentos from his employer for my daughter), too.  Heading home Wednesday and back at it all on Thursday.  I know, a very short vacation, even by US standards, but I have more time off coming up (and will write more about that shortly).

Image:Guess the vacation location 09: Part 2

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