Today's guest blog entry is from IBM Lotus senior product manager Pete Janzen.  Pete is responsible for Domino Designer, XPages, LEI and Lotus Workflow.

Two recent announcements show how both customers and partners benefit from XPages

Lotus Notes and Domino's long standing reputation as a platform for developing knowledge sharing (is caring) apps was reinforced yesterday. IQJam, by Elguji, focusses on improving the way companies harvest the collective knowledge of their employees.  More information can be had in the IQjam product page.This is another excellent example of how the business partner community is embracing XPages for building compelling collaborative Web apps. Congrats to the Elguji team on another fine Jam product and showing how XPages helps partners put their best foot forward.

Whether or not your IQ makes you a candidate for Mensa, you can probably benefit from some XPage enablement.  For those looking for a structured delivery of content, check out TLCC's new Developing XPages using Domino Designer 8.5 course. This comprehensive course starts you off with an overview and then dives into the more advanced topics.  If you act quickly, the course is being offered at a reduced price through August 7th. Congrats to TLCC for helping developers get that foot moving forward.

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