I suppose my mere linking to this violates Guy's request, but since my team and I are speaking to him tomorrow, I certainly want to help him out:

As I hinted in yesterday's post, I'm writing a quadrant report on office productivity suites. The list includes:

   * Corel WordPerfect Office
   * Google Apps, Premier Edition
   * IBM Lotus Symphony
   * Microsoft Office
   * OpenOffice.org
   * OpenOffice.org, Novell Edition
   * Sun StarOffice
   * ThinkFree
   * Zoho

While I've talked to some reference customers supplied by the vendors, I'd like to talk to some customers who haven't been cherry-picked. So if you're an IT manager responsible for purchasing one of the above packages and are willing to spend half an hour answering 36 questions, I'd like to talk to you.
Guy is with Burton Group.

Link: Guy Creese: Looking for People to Interview on Productivity Suites >

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