The View's Admin2006 is a little over a month away, and I'm way behind in getting my presentation done.  The session is called, "Lotus Notes 'Hannover' -- What It Means To You".  Given the weight of the topic, there's a need for the right focus make sure the presentation hits the mark.

The great news is that I've recruited Mary Beth Raven, one of the lead UI gurus on the "Hannover" project, to co-present the session at Admin2006.  Mary Beth will be doing a session at the DNUG/IBM Lotus Technical Forum on "Hannover" UI improvements... the Admin2006 session will contain a subset of that presentation.  In both cases, attendees will get to see the latest live Notes "Hannover" code, and talk directly with the woman who is on a personal mission to make "Hannover" the best collaboration client in the industry.

The Notes "Hannover" team has an incredible focus on user interface. Hope you'll be at these sessions to see, hear, and discuss the latest and greatest in the plan for the next release of Notes.

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