Happi coat

July 6 2007

I "jinxed" myself last week when I decided that I should bring my three-year-old laptop with to Japan, knowing that it would have everything I'd need for the trip. A loose wire somewhere in there lead to blue screens of death and blankouts intermittently overnight last night and today, such that I presented all day today from a Japanese laptop. I kept hitting the button to switch from Romanji keyboard characters into Japanese...

So, given the flakiness of my machine at the moment, I'll save the next couple of blog entries. In the meantime, here are a few of the pictures I took from the Lotus community evening meeting in Tokyo-Shibuya tonight...

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Arigato gozimashta to all who made today, and this week, a huge success -- and a lot of fun. More from the other end of a 12-hour flight.

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