A big congratulations and thank you to Yancy Lent... PlanetLotus.org turned one yesterday!

For a long time, the community had talked about a need to aggregate all the various blogs and websites covering Lotus software.  Early efforts included dominoblogs.com and various OPML lists.  Nothing quite seemed to deliver.  Yancy launched PlanetLotus a year ago, and it now aggregates over 300 blogs and feeds into one convenient page.  There is also a consolidated Twitter stream, event calendar, downloads, job listings, and other tools.  In short, along with sites like LotusUserGroup.org, PlanetLotus is a must-visit for me.  In fact, I almost always have PlanetLotus.org open in a tab in my browser, and since it auto-refreshes hourly, I'm constantly aware of what's being said in the online world about Lotus Notes/Domino, Symphony, etc.

PlanetLotus has clearly changed the way the community blogs.  People who write infrequently know that they shouldn't obsess over their RSS subscribers, as a whole group of readers will automatically see their post.  New voices have been encouraged.  Multi-lingual participation has greater visibility.  There have been a few interesting dynamics to work through along the way -- community "conga lines" happen less frequently, as people see that what needs to be said has already been said, and there have been interesting games played with "who can top this!" headlines designed to draw hits.  Still, as a whole, the community is even closer and more vibrant than ever before.  This is clearly a huge net plus.

It seems that somewhere around 10-15% of my overall website traffic now arrives through PlanetLotus -- and about 40% of all "referrer" click-throughs. Yancy's site is a success and just keeps getting better.  Thank you to those reading and participating in PlanetLotus -- I've even put the URL on my business card.

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