Have a magical day

January 23 2005

Like many others, the snow in the northern US delayed my arrival a bit yesterday, but certainly nowhere near as bad as what is happening in Boston, New York, etc.  Still, I just returned from the Business Development Day opening session, and it looked quite full to me.  That's good news -- the vast majority of Lotusphereians are in the house!

I don't have much in the way of storytelling at this point.  Last night's Penumbra dinner ran a little longer than expected, but it was good to see the whole group.  As Richard Schwartz mentions on his blog this morning, Penumbra received a sneak preview of Workplace Designer yesterday.  Even the most skeptical members seemed re-energized after seeing this new development tool, almost like it was magic.

The rumors are true -- I did shake hands with Gary Devendorf during the dinner, surprising those who think that he and I can't even be in the same room.  The reality is, we slept together -- er, shared a room -- on a trip to Prague in 1999 after Lotusphere Europe.  Amy Blumenfeld has the photographic evidence that our meeting last night didn't cause implosion on either side.  For that matter, Gary spent about 15 minutes talking with Ambuj and Andrew Pollack; I think would have enjoyed hearing that conversation.

Other good news out of the Penumbra dinner -- Rob Novak and Liz Olsen are engaged.  Congratulations!

Apologies to those who were still at ESPN around 11.  With the challenging travel day, and all the late nights that went into getting ready for Lotusphere, I just needed to go to bed.  I will see you all on the beach at this evening's welcome reception, or following at in Kimono's.  Have a magical day!

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