The other day, someone said to me that they didn't want to post their e-mail address on a blog comment, and I wondered, why the heck not?  It wasn't a privacy reason -- it was that they didn't want it out there for spammers.

When the e-mail spam problem first started getting out of hand, we all used all sorts of "tricks" to hide e-mail addresses from spambot harvesting processes.  "ed underscore brill AT us d0t ibm nospam d0t com (remove nospam, replace zeros with o's)"  Somewhere in the last couple of months ago, I stopped caring.  It's a given that my e-mail addresses are out there, and after all, I do -want- to be able to be e-mailed.  The various anti-spam products have gotten pretty good at what they do -- I get maybe one spam mail per day at work that gets through.  My blog/personal e-mail lets 5-10 spams through a day -- there are often 200 spam a day incoming.

Since spam is now a 100% given in most cases, have we hit the point where it's not worth trying to obfuscate your e-mail anymore?

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