13% of all visitors to edbrill.com arrive here via PlanetLotus.org.  This aggregation site, bringing together nearly 350 bloggers who write about Lotus software, has clearly become a key focal point for the Lotus community.

At Lotusphere 2009, Yancy Lent bestowed the first annual PlanetLotus.org Blogger of the Year award to me.  I was extremely grateful for the recognition from the community.  Now, the voting is open for the 2009 2nd annual award, and all 349 bloggers listed on PlanetLotus are eligible to win.

Please drop over to the PlanetLotus.org/awards page and vote!  You may need to register on PlanetLotus in order to vote.  Looking forward to handing the baton over to the next winner in five weeks!

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