This is an increasingly bizarre story.

A few months ago, Peter de Haas, who works for Microsoft in the Netherlands, forgot to renew his .com domain.  While he moved his site over to, the .com domain ended up falling into the hands of domain traders, who recently tried to auction the domain

Yesterday, I suggested to Peter that he outreach to those who have linked to him in the past, asking for links to the old .com address to be changed to .net.  Simple benefit -- reduce the pageranks of the .com pages and of course, redirect to the proper content.  I updated six pages on after doing so.  And Peter agreed it was a good idea, and wrote a subsequent blog entry.
Image:Help Peter de Haas stop the domain pirate

The story gets sadder, though.  This morning I went and checked the .com site (I won't link there ,for obvious reasons).  The new owner has tried to trade off Peter's name and employer, and has turned it into a site masquerading as if the real Microsoft employee is still writing it.  To wit:
Image:Help Peter de Haas stop the domain pirate

So please help Peter by ensuring that if you have ever linked to him, that you are now linking to  And if you have any other suggestions, let him know.

It really sucks that there are people out there who are just so exploitive.

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