Remember Unify?  They're the company that moved into the market for migrating away from Notes and has had little to show for it.  Heck, their latest quarterly financial report doesn't even mention their Lotus Notes migration efforts.  But apparently, they haven't quite given up yet.  Shout-out to marketing, they've brought in big guns for their latest:

Image:Hey, Unify is back! And they’ve got quite an impressive title for the webinar speaker

Nothing personal, but I find it odd that they listed Gary's current credentials far shorter than the former ones, and that the former would still be relevant six years later.  Still, the market for application migration, well, let's let Unify tell it:

As a result of the challenging economic environment, we have seen several multiple application migration projects get delayed.
Looks like it's time to go big or go away.  My bet is on the latter...

(Thanks, Lisa, Tony, and Bruce)

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