Home with Chloe

October 25 2009

Wow.  Last week's announcement that Chloe Frances has joined our household was amazing, with support and congratulations here/Facebook/Twitter that have continued for days.  Since I will be taking most of this week off and a day or two next week, blogging will continue to be a little slow here.

We came home from the hospital with Chloe yesterday evening.  Today the daughter and the dog experienced the new human in our household.  Flowers and gifts arrived from all over the world, neighbors brought over dinner, friends called with an infant swing that we learned we needed quickly, and family continued to help out and check in.  The transition home hasn't been without speed bumps, of course, but those are far better than the vinyl-encased bumps I had to sleep on for four nights in Highland Park Hospital :-)  [And yes, I am QUITE CLEAR that it was my wife that did all the work here!]

While I start to ease back into life, I leave you with more Chloe pictures.  The link is the same Flickr album as last Wednesday, just updated with a whole bunch more photos.  THANK YOU for everything!!!!

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