Christopher Byrne and Tom Duff have picked up on a story that ran yesterday on, "IBM Crosses Signals: Domino or Workplace?"  The article seems to be a blast from the past, picking up on the ambiguity and uncertainty that used to exist in the Lotus community around the future of Notes, how it intersects with IBM Workplace, etc.

Byrne has discovered, via e-mail interaction with the article's author, that the piece was submitted three months ago.  That means it went in before the IBM Workplace launch event in November, before the announcement of Workplace Services Express, and most notably, before Lotusphere.  Yet it ran yesterday with a dateline of February 1, 2005.

Part of the reason I continue to do session presentations like "The Boss Loves Microsoft..." is that there's a constant need, for whatever reason, to be aware of FUD that exists in the market.  It's sometimes disappointing to face an article like this, especially coming right out of Lotusphere.  Ultimately, though, I think it reflects poorly on the publication, moreso than on the vendor in question (and I'd stick to this opinion whether the subject was IBM, Microsoft, or anyone else).

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