Yes, it's time for me to highlight another Mary Beth Raven blog entry...

I've noted several times how much focus on the end-user is going into Notes "Hannover".  In yesterday's entry, Mary Beth describes three fictional users that development has drummed up as their "design personae" (ok, that's two highlights).  The thinking is, when these three typical users' needs are met or exceeded, the release will be right for all classes of end-user.

Now, we know that it's virtually impossible to boil down 125 million users into 3 fictional characters. But keeping 3 specific people in mind is sometimes a LOT easier than keeping the "mass of 125 million faceless users across the globe" in mind.

And we also know that these characters are very "Western-culture centric". We've worked with some of our user research colleagues in IBM Japan to have them conduct  interviews of Japanese end users and share that information with us.
I am so impressed with how much effort on real end-user requirements is being put into Notes "Hannover".  I know, I know, some of you say it's long overdue.  Fine.  Any which way, now is the time to see how well your vendor (or potential vendor) understands end user requirements. If we're right on target, let your end-users know that Lotus is listening. And if we're way off base, tell Mary Beth.

Link: Mary Beth Raven: Meet our Hannover Business-user Design Personae >

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