It seems like a few of the Lotus bloggers are examining their roots in Lotus Notes.  I think this is a good meme type of topic...think we will all learn a lot about each other if we share.

My start was pretty simple.  In 1993, I was working at US Robotics, and our application development team was considering Lotus Notes for a few new IT applications.  I was shipped off to Notes 2.1 administration class.  At least a good two hours of class was spent feeding floppies into the computer to install a Notes client and server.  The rest seemed to be spent understanding the complexities of the Notes PKI...I remember my head exploding over all of that.

We didn't do much in the way of actual application development or deployment on Notes in the months following that at USR.  In terms of priorities, we were more focused on getting to the latest version of cc:Mail for Windows and deploying Lotus Organizer 1.1x for group calendaring and scheduling.  Working on those projects brought me into more frequent contact with Lotus, including my local sales engineer, Jon Raslawski.  Jon and I had lunch one day in early 1994, along with a visiting support engineer from Lotus cc:Mail in Mountain View, and somehow we ended up hinting to each other that there might be a job for me at Lotus.  A few days later, a quick conversation on my brand-new cellular telephone during the drive home lead to interviews at Lotus to likewise become a Lotus sales engineer.  There was no hesitancy in accepting the job once it was offered, and I started my now just-about 14 year career with Lotus in June, 1994.


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