Huffington Post contributor Phil Simon and I met at IBM's Partnerworld conference, and had a chance to discuss the premise behind Opting In. An example Q&A:

What is the perception of IBM and social media today?
IBM has transformed over the last six or seven years into a culture of participation. We have one of the largest presences on LinkedIn and Twitter, and IBMers continue to explore the leading edge of both inbound and outbound usage of social media. More importantly, we have recognized the importance of social business as a tool to reach clients and potential buyers. Our research has found that people who visit as a result of a referral from a blog or tweet or other curated content are more likely to convert into participating in an offer from our website than if they just came to directly. That is a direct reflection of the authentic voice used established by IBMers and our communities.
Very much appreciate the airtime on HuffPo, Phil.

Link: Huffington Post: Social Media and the Mature Organization >

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