My assumption is that most of you will see that headline and assume this is an April Fool's joke.  The good news is it is not.  Thanks to a connection in IBM Partnerworld, I've been shown the way to fix some of the biggest challenges expressed by Lotus brand customers with the IBM download site.  

First up on the list is the filenames of the download packages.  We're going to move away from using the IBM part number as the filename and use a longer, self-documenting string that also includes a description of what the downloaded software actually is.  So, for example, the download for Lotus Notes 8.5 today is this:

Image:I am fixing some IBM downloads challenges, starting with filenames

and would become


It would still be searchable by part number but now have the advantage of the downloader knowing exactly which file is which in their download directory.  We will also seek to unify some of those keyword fields e.g. platform and language.

This is just one of several areas of improvement that are being looked at -- many of them driven by the PartnerWorld team.  I will be giving out a bunch of IBM Thanks! awards internally when we get some of these changes implemented.  We're getting there...

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