...for no "fair weather fan" am I.  Still, a few simple observations:

  • Playing baseball the last week in October is just a bit insane.  The 40 degree (F) pouring rain in Chicago the other night was just a silly set of conditions for such an important game.
  • Playing a game that runs past midnight is just a bit insane.  I was going to wait to write this entry until tonight's game ended, but I have a flight in the morning and really need to go to bed.  TiVo will not be interesting nor useful since I'll be gone for a week, and it will all be decided before I get back.
  • HDTV broadcast has to be one of the most incredible innovations in television.  Earlier this year, I bought a Samsung DLP HDTV, one of now three in my family.  Watching the games on this bad boy has been an incredible sensation, and it's hard to remember watching baseball any other way.
  • I certainly would be happier to see the hometown team win this thing, rather than those other guys.

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