Yes, I am already leaving the Lotus Software Brukergruppe meeting in T√łnsberg, Norway.  About 130 people, one of their largest attendee counts ever, turned out for this event.  What I liked about this stop in my world travels, in addition the gracious acquisition of a wonderful Norwegian sweater, was that I heard a lot more than I usually do about real-world use of Lotus Notes.  

After my keynote speech this morning, a demonstration was given by Mona Berg-Henry of Jotun, a Norwegian company that specializes in industrial paint applications.  Jotun is a paint supply company; they also paint boats, buildings, and recently picked up the contract for the Eiffel Tower.  Jotun is in the pilot phase with an incredible application that unites the power of Lotus Notes 8 composite applications with Lotus Symphony.  Now, the presentation/demonstration was given in Norwegian, so I missed a lot, but the essence of the story is clear.  Jotun's Notes application lets them walk through the entire process of a painting proposal, including cost and materials estimates, report generation, even prototyping what the results will look like (the example used in the demo was the painting of a ferry boat).  The Notes user is presented with a simplified UI that guides them through every step of the process, calls the Symphony spreadsheet engine when needed, and even integrates with a visual tool for the paint diagraming.

As I understand it, the application was built by business partner ErgoGroup AS.  I spoke with both Jotun and ErgoGroup and hope to come up with a short movie/writeup about this application soon.

Thank you to Roger, Rune, Petter, Erik, Martin, (did I leave anyone out? My apologies) and everyone else running the LSBG for making all of the nice arrangements, and to all of you who attended.  I am sorry I could not stay longer.

Next stop, Edinburgh for Thursday's Lotusphere Comes to You....

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