I'm in the process of building a new home theatre system from scratch.  So far, I've got the HDTV, a 6.1 surround sound system, a DVD player, and a TiVo.  I'll write more about these components once the whole shebang is set up.

I keep thinking "something is missing".  Well, I'm sure lots of things are, but one thing is a DVD recorder.  Having never bought one or even paid attention, I'm not sure I know enough to be smart about this component.  They sure have dropped in price -- buy.com's mailer today featured a Sharp for $160.  

My main question -- TiVo has a "save to VCR" option.  Is there any reason that couldn't be "save to DVD recorder"?  I realize that's a suboptimal option, since it basically requires program playback.  Still, as Mike Lazar and I have discovered, it's likely to be far more performant than TiVo2Go (while that still remains an option).  So, do I add one of these to the "toys" list?

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