During Lotusphere 2009, my team is putting together a special recognition for customers who have completed their deployment of Notes 8, or at least a significant-sized deployment of Notes 8.  Now, I don't want to give away the plot as to what the recognition will be, but it will be more than just a t-shirt.  At a minimum, we'll have an event of some kind and some in-session mentions.

Details on this Notes 8 user club can be found in Jan Kenney's posting on developerWorks Lotus:

If you or your customer is an IBM Lotus Notes/iNotes and Domino 8.0.x customer who has EITHER:
  • Deployed Notes/iNotes and Domino version 8.0.x  (i.e. versions 8.0, 8.0.1 OR 8.0.2) to 1000 or more seats within your company
  • Deployed Notes/iNotes and Domino to your entire company AND your company has 500 or more employees
Then we would like to recognize your company's accomplishment at Lotusphere 2009!

If this applies to you or your customer's company then Congratulations and please let us know a bit more about the 8.0.x deployed environment, HERE:

Quick questionnaire
--> https://www-304.ibm.com/software/earlyprograms/surveys/cust/survey.wss?id=632(provide your IBM ID at the prompt. if you don't have one click the 'register now' link on the Sign in page to create one. Easy!)

If this does NOT apply to you or your customer's company yet, then please continue with the Notes/iNotes and Domino 8.0.x deployment work and return to this questionnaire once the criteria described above has been met, as there will be other opportunities for recognition after Lotusphere 2009.  

Please help spread the word -- I would love to have to go ask for more resources for this recognition program!

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