IamLUG debrief

August 4 2010

I am back from two days in St. Louis at the IamLUG User Group meeting.  Many others have blogged about individual sessions, including Mitch Cohen's virtual recap of my Notes/Domino strategy session.  So here are some general thoughts.

Image:IamLUG debrief

First, Chris Miller and the team running the event did a great job.  Everything seemed flawless to me, other than some minor audio issues on the UStream early in the keynote.  The sessions were well-attended, and as feels appropriate with the "culture" of this particular event, open and informal.  The sponsors seemed quite busy throughout the event and the speakers all seemed happy with their sessions.

Second, the reason that we come to these events is to have the direct conversations about ideas, possibilities, issues, and challenges.  I learned a ton from talking with so many of you, and came away with several new opportunities.

Third, we may have set the bar too high with the first IamLUG in 2009.  It was a fortuitous coincidence of timing that we were able to use the 2009 IamLUG to announce the "Lotus Knows" initiative.  Normally, honestly, the summer months are quieter.  We have some announcements coming in the next few weeks, but none of them quite ready and none of them quite relevant enough to bring to St. Louis.  I thought Doug Cox did an excellent job getting the story of his development team out in the keynote, but several people were looking for more.  We'll have to be more careful about that in the future.

Last, as with Lotusphere, I feel like I didn't really get the chance to talk to everyone.  Sure, a group of 30 geeks went to dinner on Sunday night, and that was a great time.  But there are at least that many who I did nothing more than shake hands or say "hi" during these two days.  Wish I could have stayed longer, or at least that there were more hours in the day.  Next time, always next time.

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